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Eve Philosophy Bridal Collection Eve philosophical fashion wedding is a boutique wedding studio located disabilities ancient Queen. Yisha boutique wedding Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, in order to enhance the positioning of the wedding brands and wedding products, our management decided to re-named for the wedding photo studio. Valentine's Day February 14, 2008, we officially announced the the Isa fine wedding fashion wedding renamed Eve philosophy. Exclusive wedding of the beautiful woman in the aesthetic experts studio in the future direction of the cause of business location.

We do not for the studio located in the romantic or European and American fashion style main reason since the studio was founded in 2004, deeply impressed by the constant reminder of guest satisfaction needs, meticulous high-quality services and products to implement the ideal of the wedding industry lifetime service. In the era of fast fashion show, the customer pursuit of product quality is not to stay in the concept of wedding shooting, or exaggerated marketing practices. Today, customers seeking real high-quality products and sincere service quality to retain customers heart. Therefore, our management team to set up a professional team and efficient service system to serve our customers. Hope, from time to time to provide a comprehensive best quality service to our customers.

Studio positioning: the theme of a woman for the wedding photo studio

Studio vision: to create a dedicated wedding photo studio has a unique style style five heart-class woman.

Studio mission: at every stage of intentions believe that the consumer can-feel, Eve philosophy will be more heart so that every consumer has moved all the memories of achievement and thus a perfect work.

5 heart level business philosophy: the single-minded for our family to provide the highest quality products, best quality service. Sincerely to everyone to learn, because they are the best teachers in our lives. Do everything with heart and are willing to take the initiative responsible for the results of the matter. In good faith to communicate to everyone, and respect for each person thinking behind. Care about each employee's growth and learning, and career planning for each employee.

Exclusive wedding aesthetics of the beautiful woman

Wedding is love Chinese clothes, we love coronation wedding to the woman's life the most beautiful of the fixed grid, accompanied by a lifetime of sweet wedding is love eternal keepsake is passed on from love witness, a white dress has already become the wedding dress the most typical representatives, women had always been to have the dream of a white silk dress. Eve philosophy studio is positioning itself in the future direction of development for the exclusive wedding of the beautiful woman in the aesthetic experts. We have business vision to become the leading brand of wedding industry woman of fashion wedding as the goal, and focus on brand related and interactive efforts, and to respect and meet the emotional needs of the customer. Our special studio famous dress designers and dress, director teamed up to launch a women exclusive wedding design services, tailored to their own beautiful wedding for the couple who will have to enter the road of a happy life.

Brand Story

To change the traditional concept of idea to create a different wedding, the new concept is to insist on innovation, fashion, taste! Eve philosophy attempts to retain the old era wedding, luxurious and elegant, the real and dream together as one of art! Woman pristine beauty-oriented philosophy Eve a deep understanding of a woman and a unique style of photography woman art text fashionable new moon made the perfect woman, the beauty of a woman sublimation, so that all the love a woman dreams will be recalled and thus achievement this works perfect. The studio's vision is to build a unique style style woman for the wedding photo studio, so we decided that a woman name for the studio named Eve philosophy of Eve Philosophy.

Eve (of EVE): Eve, the first woman of the world, is a woman's ancestors.

Eve significance: Eve symbolizes the woman's name.

Philosophical sense: Philosophy (philosophy) is to come from the Greek word "Φιλοσοφ?α" (philo-sophia) change the meaning "loving wisdom" or less "friend of wisdom". In general, refers to the worldview theory, is a generalization and summation of the natural knowledge and social knowledge. At its heart is the "truth" and "knowledge".

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