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Dennice Tan
Tokyo in May 2012 ~ 4403 Viewed | 3 Comment(s)

Tokyo is a more desirable destination than ever before. Its attractions include a clean, speedy and efficient transport system with station signs in English, a growing number of sophisticated five-star hotels and the highest number of Michelin-starred restaurants in the world.

And the city caters for all tastes – state of the art electronics in Akihabara for techno fiends, atmospheric temples and shrines for culture buffs, cutting-edge fashion towers for shoppers and 160,000 restaurants for foodies.

But the city's most memorable delights are less tangible. Getting lost - both physically and in translation – is the best way to get to grips with the multi-faceted city. And you might stumble across an ancient Shinto shrine tucked behind a gleaming skyscraper, or a chic local bar on a lantern-lit lane in the process.

Insider's tips

On arrival, avoid taxis and hop on the Narita Express (0081 50 2016 1603, to a central station such as Tokyo or Shinjuku, with tickets starting at Y2,940 (£13.10). Otherwise, Limousine Buses (0081 3 3665 7220, take passengers directly to the front door of a number of major hotels and sights around the city from Y3,000

Date: 2012-06-15 22:09:13
Dennice Tan On 2012-06-19 22:23:21
东京是日本47个县之一,但一般称为东京都而不是东京县。东京都由23个特别区、26个市、5个町、8个村、伊豆群岛、小笠原群岛以及本州岛附近太平洋的一些小岛构成。 23区是东京的中心地区,占了整个东京都面积的三分之一。东京都的人口约1200万,其中23区就占了800多万。 1868年以前,东京被称为江户,是16世纪的一个小的城堡城。1603年,德川家康建立了中央集权的德川幕府,从此江户城堡成为了日本全国的政治中心。几十年后,江户成为了世界人口最多的城市之一。 1868年,日本明治维新后,天皇由京都迁居至此,改江户为东京(东部的首都)。东京大部分的地方曾经毁于1923年的关东大地震和1945年的二战空袭。
Derrick Xiang On 2012-06-18 13:45:40
Dennice Tan On 2012-06-15 22:12:16
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