FAQ – Main

What is Slipperbuddy? What services does it provide?

SB: SlipperBuddy is a division of LaDeCh Global Pte Ltd; it is a global site to provide tour information and online advertisement portal for travel. Our mission is to share the best price available for Tour-related Products to all Tour Lovers. It is the preferred online marketing platform for retailers to reach out to consumers, who are in search of good value anytime, anywhere! We are constantly expanding our reach by integrating more sites and implementing most of our requested features.  SlipperBuddy is DEFINITELY the site you can trust!

Is Slipperbuddy a registered company in Singapore?

SB: Yes, SlipperBuddy has been trademarked by LaDeCh Global Pte Ltd which incorporated in Singapore via Singapore IPOS.

Where the office is located for Slipperbuddy?

SB: LaDeCh Global Pte Ltd
C/o Bestar Services Pte. Ltd.
6001 Beach Road
#14-08 Golden Mile Tower
Singapore 199589


FAQ - Merchant

How can I be a Merchant with Slipperbuddy?

SB: Easy! Just scroll down to the end of our website, and click ‘Supplier Sign Up’. Our friendly staffs will then review your application. Remember to upload your company’s logo!

What are the rates for the monthly postings and banners?

SB: You can contact our Sales team for more information.

How do I upload my product to the website?

SB: We have our training deck (in soft and hard copy) for your easy reference, so just email us to send it to you. Our cool staffs are 24/7 standby to support you!

How can I see my product is being successfully uploaded to the main page?

SB: So long as it is displayed on “Catalog” in your account, it is successfully uploaded.

How can I see the orders for my product and sales status?

SB: Log into your own account and go to “Sales” then “Orders” to check it.

I can’t seem to upload my product. What should I do?

SB: Fret not. You can contact our support team, we are 24/7 on standby!

When will I be able to collect the payment for my product?

SB:  The 50% deposit will be settled in 7 working days and balance payment will be done in 7 working days after order delivered.

Do I need to inform Slipperbuddy for any changes to the product?

SB: There isn’t a need for that. Just make the changes yourselves!.

Can I get Slipperbuddy to contact the customer for any updates to the product he/she purchased?

SB: No, You are required to contact your customer directly.

Who’s responsible to liaise with customers and payment method?

SB:  Once the deposit payment is transferred to you, you hold the full responsibility.But if your customers cancel the order, balance payment will be remitted to you in 7 working days after “Payment Request Form” is submitted to us.


FAQ – Members

How can I sign up for member? Any membership fee involved?

SB: That’s easy! See the ‘My Buddy’ on the website’s top part? Click on that and Register with us! Absolutely FREE!

Is it necessary to provide my residential address & contact number?

SB: It’s important to provide your both information as the merchants will need it to contact you for updates or to meet up for discussion. Don’t worry! We won’t sell it away!

What is the benefit I can enjoy as a member?

SB: You are able to get the latest & updated promotion information.

What is the wish list for?

SB: It’s for you to keep track of the products you are interested, but not ready to purchase yet.

Can I unsubscribe to the newsletter?

SB: Yes you can. But we hope that you think otherwise. Our newsletter will enable you to get the latest promotions or lucky draws. No worries, we won’t send any emails which are of no use to you!

Can I delete my account in future?

SB: Yes, you can delete your account. But why do you want to do that? Let us know how you feel about our services. We are constantly upgrading ourselves to provide the best service possible!

How can I purchase a product?

SB: Choosing the product you like and click “add to cart” and “check out” to process the order.

How do I make the payment?

SB: You can make payment via Paypal. Create a paypal account if you don’t have one!

How can I be sure that my transaction reaches to the merchant?

SB: You can log into your own account to check the order status.

How would I know that the merchant is trustworthy and reliable?

SB: You are required to know the Merchant’s Profile & the Terms & Conditions attached to it.

What should I do if I did not receive any confirmation number or email?

SB: Email us… do allow us to check back with Merchant and we will get back to you!

Can I contact Slipperbuddy to assist in any dispute with merchant?

SB: Yes you can. We will try our very best to provide necessary assistance to all parties involved.

Is Slipperbuddy liable for any product’s defect or merchant’s conduct?

SB: No. We are not shop owner or merchant. We are the ads porter; we are not and will not responsible for any defect product or merchant’s conduct. However, we will suspend those irresponsible merchant if there are sufficient evidences after our investigation. We may bring this issue to CASE on behalf of buyer (Conditions apply).


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